Why do you worry about getting older?




Hello beautiful friends,


Today I want to talk about,  why do women worry about getting older?…? I am 43 years old and I am living my best years ever… It is at this wonderful age that I have gotten so much more comfortable  with my own skin… It is at this wonderful age that I am way more confident than when I was 23… It is at this wonderful age that I love myself way more than at 23…That to me is the foundation to love my life even more… Now, let’s go back to the aging part!


At 43 years old, I am energetic, healthy and full of enthusiasm for life! I love all that I do, from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go into my sweet dreams… At 43 years old, I wake up full of life and full of love…At 43 years old, I appreciate all of the signs of getting wiser… At 43 years old, I am enjoying every experience I can get my hands on…Every experience is a new stepping stone into my amazing life.


It is at 43 years old that I am in love with me!!!! It is at this age that I have found that many women are dreading to even mention that they are in their 40’s, why? why? why? I love to tell people how old I am…I love to flaunt my majestic mind and beautiful curves…I love to tell people how proud I am of all the wisdom I have acquired in my beautiful 43 years…  I ask again, why do women feel so afraid of getting older?




Women’s Aging Fear #1: Losing Attractiveness/Becoming “Invisible”.


I get it!.,.. Facial Wrinkles… Body Wrinkles…Saggy breasts…Stretch Marks due to our beautiful babies, or due to weight gain and weight loss… Gray hair…. Permanent post-baby belly… Dry skin… and Overall Weight gain….


Each change that I just mentioned was wrought by time and gravity renders… Most women have either gone through it or is going through it… And most women feeling a bit more invisible in a culture that prizes beautiful youth… I a society where plastic surgery ads are a cent a dozen…In a society that judges beauty as if we were all in a constant beauty pageant…Fear about appearance persists right into the 70s and 80s And it never ends….We call  of these, “visible markers of being old” …


Women are always concerned with whether they appear old or older….The way I see it, You can’t control others people’s views, but you can do a lot to cultivate an inner beauty that transcends the outer packaging. It’s called SELF LOVE.  You are as Young as You Feel… How you feel is what determines the quality of your inner world…


You have a choice: you can fight it and fear it… Or you can own it and embrace it…..  I chose the latter and found that I was happier with that choice…Truth be told,  people tend to adopt the same attitude you convey… If you value yourself, so will they…. And I’m a firm believer that confidence is what really makes us attractive… Focus on the things that make you feel confident… A number does not define you, you choose how you define yourself…


At this time, You can’t change your age… You were born in the year you were born in… Accept it and embrace it… That being said,  there are many things in your life you can control… You’re in charge of the type of person you are, in the type of person you are becoming,  your attitude, what you put in your mouth, how often you work out, how you spend your time, how you treat others, how much or how little you complaint… You are in control of all your emotions and how you react to the world…


Put your energy into improving yourself… Self development and self empowering YOU… Put your energy into lifting those around you… You’ll be happier when you spend less time worrying about the things you can’t control…Like, stop worrying about your AGE!


Here’s the BIG one, So instead of looking at each birthday as a dreaded milestone… Start looking at each year as a gift…. Life is a blessing at any age…. Embrace it….Age brings intelligence, experience, wisdom and beauty!


WORRYING MAKES YOU LOOK OLDER! Keep that in mind! Embrace you and Celebrate each day as a blessing!


My wish for you is that you live a delicious life
~Vianca Pino


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