How well do you Control STRESS under Life Events?.



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Today I will like to talk about STRESS… and How well do you Handle it… How do you react to stress??? and are you constantly reacting instead of relaxing??? Well, I invite you to read this blog and to watch the video we created for your fun and education…



In his book: “YOU are WHAT you THINK”… David Stoop, Ph. D. shares a world of great information about our Self-Talk about us, the world, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings…

Our daily Life events create reactions, feelings, emotions and thoughts… and have you ever wonder how well you control them to keep your stress levels to a minimum?

Well, according to The Social Readjustment Rating Scale shared on the book…

EXCERPT from the Book” “…if you score below 150 points, you are on the safe side. If you score between 150 and 300 points, your chances of becoming ill or disabled during the next two years are about 50-50. That’s not too good. If you score over 300 points, you’d better make sure your health insurance is paid up, because your chances of becoming ill increase to 90 percent.”


Changing your Self -Talk to positive, living with more GRATITUDE will be the best way to keep your Health intact and save you a lot of trouble.




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