FAILURE & Bouncing Back!.


Hello my beautiful friends,


Today I want to talk to you about Failure….


Have you ever felt like a complete failure?

Do you feel now like a failure?

Let’s start by sharing that we have had those moments too. You are not alone. And also, you are not staying there forever either. You have the power to bounce back out of any difficult situation rather quickly. So, do not beat yourself up.

We all experience multiples failures even on a daily basis, and sometimes we don’t realize it because they are considered unimportant for our standards. We only react with the BIG ones.

When we get to understand and accept the wonderful lessons and blessings we are given every time we fail… then, we will bounce back even quicker, even faster and even with a smile in our faces. The process of learning is simple, the pain and discomfort is only there so we actually pay attention to the lesson.

Believe in your power to bounce back. You can always try again. You can always start again. You can always go further. You can always go higher. You can always bounce back.

Thank you for watching this livestream TV show today.

Thank you for sharing our message around the world!


Thank you for bouncing back from your failures…now… just smile and use your stories to teach and inspire others do the same.



My wish for you today is that you bounce right back after a major oops!

~Vianca Pino

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