Correct and Continue!


Hello my beautiful friends,


I want to ask you… Do you make Mistakes??? If, you do, Do you accept them and move forward? or Do you beat yourself up?


Well, today I want to talk to you about Correct and Continue… The best way to move forward after making a mistake..


Do you allow yourself to make mistakes? Do you blame others instead of accepting responsibility? Do you try to cover up your mistakes so others don’t think less of you?

Well, if you do…you are not alone….millions of people do it… and they spend all their lives living in a mediocre world created by themselves.

Today, make the decision to look into your life…we all make mistakes….and IT IS OK…you CORRECT AND CONTINUE!!!

Give yourself permission to correct, correct, correct, correct and correct as much as you need to.

Let go of the stories you are telling yourself….create new SUPPORTING STORIES that you can carry with you at all times and that will help achieve your highest potential.

Like T. Harv Eker says: “Every Master was once a Disaster”.


My wish for you today is that you do not pounder so much upon the mistakes you make… Not today, not tomorrow and not in the near future… Correct and Continue!!!

~Vianca Pino

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