Airplane Etiquette to Enjoy a Great Flight.


Hello my beautiful friends,


Today, let’s talk about Airplane Etiquette…



When you decide to fly on an airplane, please be nice to your fellow passengers sharing the same space, breathing air and time by following some basic, simple, essential rules to make everyone enjoy a great flight!

1.- Let us all cooperate with TSA agents when we are in line at the Security checkpoints. Check out

2.- No more using the back of my seat as a handle to hoist yourself up. Stop yanking my headrest backwards… this is the small piece of real estate that I am renting to rest on during my flight.

3.- Respect the area around your seat….Guys, please don’t spread your legs so open… the space we all have is clearly outlined by the split of the seats.

4.- Your bags go in your overhead compartment, not mine.

5.- Keep your shoes on… when did we get so casual???

6.- Just leave your pets at home or checked them in… they will be safe and even more relaxed travelling in their designated cargo area under air conditioning just like you!!!… so don’t be so over-protective.



And don’t forget to:
LAUGH. LEARN. LIVE AT YOU BEST….that’s our LATEST slogan for the show… because we want to make you laugh every time you watch our shows… we want you to learn new things, new ideas, new strategies that will help you in your own life every day… we want that you live a better life … WE WANT YOU TO LIVE AT YOUR BEST… you deserve it… we all deserve it… so why not start TODAY.




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